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Volunteering at the Whitney Museum and doing temp work at some NYC art fairs has led me to meet many art loving friends that are also available to explore NYC exhibits on random Tuesday at noon, when much of the real world is working.

The other day I suggested to a friend for us to visit the Scandinavia House in New York City because it’s super easy to get to from Grand Central (it’s on 38th and Park) and I’ve never been before (I’m always curious about new places). Currently they are showing New Wave Finland, a contemporary photography exhibit from the Helsinki School. This pristine, small gallery  with a partially amazing wood floor is made up of three rooms and is free to enter.


Scandinavia House NYC


Mikko Sinervo "Afterimage- Memory by Light (Transitions of Sun to Moon) 2009

Mikko Sinervo “Afterimage- Memory by Light (Transitions of Sun to Moon) 2009


Joakim Eskildsen "Rainbow" 2008

Joakim Eskildsen “Rainbow” 2008


Scandinavia House NYC

Riitta Paivalainen "Camouflage III" 2005

Riitta Paivalainen “Camouflage III” 2005

Niko Luoma "1966A" 2010

Niko Luoma “1966A” 2010


Scandinavia House NYC

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Interning this year at the Armory Show was exciting but left me little time to blog about what I saw. One of my favorite pieces there was this El Anatsui on display in the Jack Shainman Gallery booth. I’m obviously an El Anatsui fan, considering how many posts I’ve done with his work included.

I really admire the movement in his pieces and how he makes recycled, hard materials to resemble that of a cloth or curtain draping. El Anatsui perfers to use cheap, found material because he believes it’s freeing and that if you use a cheaper medium, then there is nothing that can hold you back in terms of scale. Below is his piece, “Wet” 2012 and is made of found aluminum (bottle caps) and copper wire.


El Anatsui Armory 1

El Anatsui Armory 2

El Anatsui Armory 3

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