About Us

Who is MuseumChick?

MuseumChick is a personal art and culture blog that I started to share my experiences working in the art world and my explorations if museums around the world.

Living in NYC and educated in museum studies has given me a lifetime of fascination with art and culture, that I can now share with my young son.

In this personal blog, I post stories about my life with art, museums I visit, art I discover, and culture I explore along with stories about my year being an expat living in Paris and now, living in NYC and traveling.

While receiving my grad degree in Museum Studies, I moved to Paris for a year of adventure and to explore Europe’s great museums. When I settled in Paris I wanted to stay connected with people back home, so I decided to start this blog to share my experiences traveling, exploring and learning. Now this blog has become a way for me to express my passion for art and culture, to make art seem less intimidating and more accessible and to share my experiences in the NYC art world.

I travel as often as I can, so I post a lot of my favorite travel photos. I’m also passionate about the importance of children being involved in art education, so I have a MuseumKid section my my son and for parents interested in getting their kids involved with art and culture. In the section, A*RT!? Happens I post random art spottings I stumble upon in my daily life. For my fans of linguistics, Darcy is presenting the Art Word of the Day. And to say thank you for being entertained by my blog, a Giveaways section.

My enthusiasm for museums, art and culture began when I was young and my aunt and uncle would take me to museums in New York City. They would take me to get my hair done, then to F.A.O. Schwarz to buy a stuffed animal and then to a museum. For me, this was the perfect day. Museums introduced me to a new way of learning and exploring the world. When I was young, I used to say that when I grew up I wanted to be a veterinarian or an ice cream truck driver (naturally, because I liked animals and ice cream). Needless to say, I became neither and I think my family introducing me to museums and exposing me to art and culture at a young age influenced who I am today. And judging by the picture below, I’m still that kid.

So, let’s face it, my blog is a better use of your time than Facebook stalking. But if you think my blog is not a good use of your time, and if in fact, you think my blog stinks, you can let me know. But I prefer to hear that you think it’s cool or just write me a note to say hi.