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Mixing Contemporary & Antique in British Interior Design

British interior designers are at the top of their game at the moment and provide a collection of inspiration when it comes to re-decorating and furnishing your home. From bold, innovative ideas and styles taken from eras gone by, there are a whole host of concepts developing in modern British interior design right now. my favorite right now are; Clare Pascoe ,who effortlessly blends contemporary with vintage and Kelly Hoppen, who has a super sexy contemporary style.

What’s hot in British interior design?

So why is modern British interior design showing so much variety this season? It could be the whole host of sources from which designers and consumers take their inspiration. This year’s trends have been particularly influenced by cultures from across the world; from modern bohemian designs that blend décor with escapism and a love of all things ethnic, to dyeing techniques seen in other cultures, and tropical patterns that throw up reminisces of vacations to distant lands. Many brits’ love of traveling can be seen throughout their homes and audacious colors are very in style right now.


Another huge trend this year will see furnishings and accessories inspired by toys and confectionary; think bright, playful colors and quirky designs and you’ve got it. Currently popular are bold, geometric patterns, statement-making energetic color palettes, handmade and DIY accessories, warm-colored woods, patterns and marbling. Other trends include overlapping textures that add depth and character to rooms; something British designers have been quick to jump on.


The key to British interior design is innovation; making the most of the space available. There’s a huge demand for housing at the moment, particularly in London, so design ideas that can make the most of compact homes have become incredibly popular. Rooms are being designed to be multifunctional, seamlessly combining kitchen and living spaces or living and sleeping quarters, while furniture that combines functionality and style is so hot right now; think a double bed that also features storage space, for example.

It’s all about the antique

One look that is particularly on trend at the moment is antique chic; combining antique and vintage pieces with stylish, modern designs for a truly funky and unique look. When it comes to interior design opposites really do attract and this trend sees décor and furnishings that really bring out the best in each other. Think contemporary freshness meets a blend of vintage character and craftsmanship, really drawing a room’s personality out. We particularly love the blend of fresh, bold colors and warm, rich woods that can be seen across the trend, as well as Brit designers’ passion for restoring and re-loving furniture and textiles.


So why is this blend of old and new so popular right now? Apart from being highly effective, one answer lies in the sources from which UK homeowners get their inspiration; their friends and family. Many people admit to being inspired by the homes they visit, so it’s little wonder that antique and contemporary designs are clashing with so much purpose. The growth of social media has also helped designers and homeowners to gather inspiration and share ideas. Everywhere you turn there are tutorials demonstrating how to make the most of antique furniture, while blending the old and new can also be incredibly cost effective. This style lends itself toward second hand shops, flea markets and garage sales and is one we can all get on board with.

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