I Love El Anatsui at the Armory Show

March 23, 2013 MuseumChick


Interning this year at the Armory Show was exciting but left me little time to blog about what I saw. One of my favorite pieces there was this El Anatsui on display in the Jack Shainman Gallery booth. I’m obviously an El Anatsui fan, considering how many posts I’ve done with his work included.

I really admire the movement in his pieces and how he makes recycled, hard materials to resemble that of a cloth or curtain draping. El Anatsui perfers to use cheap, found material because he believes it’s freeing and that if you use a cheaper medium, then there is nothing that can hold you back in terms of scale. Below is his piece, “Wet” 2012 and is made of found aluminum (bottle caps) and copper wire.


El Anatsui Armory 1

El Anatsui Armory 2

El Anatsui Armory 3

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