Victorian Long Island City Queens

February 7, 2013 MuseumChick

Before the arctic temperatures and the wind tunnel came to Long Island City, I spent some time exploring the side roads of my new neighborhood. While walking around the Citibank building and on my way to to the 5 Pointz Graffiti outdoor art space, I accidentally discovered this short span of Victorian houses, originally from the 1880′s, on 45th Avenue. They are a very interesting contrast to all the new glass and steel high-rises coming up in the area.

This New York Landmark Preservation Foundation sign, in front of the brick red and matte black pristine houses reads, “Hunters Point Historic District. The Houses on 45th Avenue, then built called 12th Street, were built mostly in the 1880′s when Hunters Point was part of the independent Long Island City. They represent, in frame and brick, a victorian middle class urban building type and remain almost untouched. The nicely articulated details of Neo-Grec Style corners, window frame, iron railings and stoops recall the days when uniform buildings design was a proud symbol of domestic respectability.”

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  1. Cary 05.13.2013

    I love looking at old architecture like this. Thanks for the awesome share! I have often wished I could see these in the NYC and Long Island areas but disabilities restrict me from travel. Thanks for providing it with class and style too!

  2. thetravellingtravelator 02.11.2013

    It just shows how it pays to explore, even if it's near home! Glad you were rewarded by the sight of these beauties. If you ever have too much house envy, I can report that my (1857) house may be beautiful, but in today's snowy weather it's certainly draughty with those old sash windows! Am snuggling up by the log fire to compensate.

  3. Suzy 02.10.2013

    I love old Victorian houses. I actually live in an apartment/house from 1890. I wish today's architecture styles would return to this time period. There is just something so beautiful about stretches of homes like these.