Flashback: Katrin Sigurdardottir at the Met

November 16, 2012 MuseumChick

My anorexic and way too flimsy Mac Air is running super slow (as usual). The only solution I can think of is to clean out some old and duplicate photos. I wish someone told me that if you are photo-taking obsessed, DON’T get a Mac Air.

For nostalgic purposes, going through my old photos is fun and I found these from winter 2011 of Katrin Sigurdardottir’s solo exhibit at the Met that I loved and never posted.

Icelandic artist, Sigurdardottir is well-known for her series of hand-made wooden boxes that unlock and unfold to reveal miniature landscapes that have an historical design, modern approach and fantasy aspects.

Entitled Boiseries, the installations were made specially for the Metropolitan Museum and are full-scale interpretations of their eighteenth-century French rooms, one from the Hôtel de Crillon (1777–1780) on the Place de la Concorde, Paris, and the other from the Hôtel de Cabris (ca. 1774) at Grasse in Provence.

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