Art Word of the Day: Iconography

April 25, 2012 Art Lingo

Iconography is a term used in art history referring to the study of the subject matter rather than the form of a work of art. It can be used in connection with any period of art but is mostly used to discuss the context of medieval and particularly Renaissance studies (Clarke 2010).

I’m posting an “Art Word of the Day” inspired by a dictionary I bought at the MoMA bookstore that is focused on a broad range of art terms called “Oxford The Concise Dictionary of Art Terms“. I know most people might find it boring to sit down and read a dictionary A-Z, so I want to pick a new word from the book, that I find interesting, and have Darcy present it to you! I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Jesse 07.16.2012

    The term is also close to branding terminology especially for brand companies that rely on how popular their product icons are.

    • MuseumChick 07.26.2012

      Hi Jesse- good to know! I’m always trying to improve my vocabulary.

  2. Andi 04.25.2012

    I can’t believe how quickly this word has become prevalent in my life!