Peter Woytuk Entertaining the Upper West Side

November 4, 2011 A*RT!? Happens

Darcy was due for his booster shots yesterday, so as a responsible pet owner would, I got him an appointment at our regular vet on the Upper West Side. Being that I recently moved, I’m a bit further south now but I still decided to walk the 40 blocks there. To my surprise a new installation of Peter Woytuk sculptures were dancing up Broadway, entertaining Darcy and me the whole way there. Last year, around this same time I blogged about the Manolo Valdes sculptures that graced Broadway.

One of my favorites was “3 Big Apples”- a black, textured raven towering over the grates of the NYC subway, perched in the middle of traffic and balancing on three shiny, green apples. Granny Smiths, maybe?

A map next to each sculpture navigates the way through the overly colorful sculptures, starting at Columbus Circle and marching up to 166th Street. With a free audio tour, it makes for an economical outing or a more interesting way to stroll up Manhattan’s Upper West Side on a bright autumn day.

Darcy’s little Yorkie paws weren’t up for the 100 block hike but he did pose for a few pictures with the sculptures.

Entertaining commuters at the busy 72nd Street subway was “A Kiwi”.  A shocking blue 18,000 lbs. of aluminum!

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  1. Suzy 11.7.2011

    How crazy! Those sculptures look massive. I wonder what the Granny smith apples were composed of.

    • MuseumChick 11.8.2011

      Hi Suzy- They are huge! I believe the apples are made of aluminum.

  2. Jackie Walker 11.5.2011

    Love it. Laguna Beach, Ca has many outdoor sculptures around town, also murals and benches depicting people or activities. As well as mosiac chairs, benches, bus stops. January in NY hope to follow this trail! Jackie W.

    • MuseumChick 11.8.2011

      Hi Jackie- Laguna Beach sounds so nice especially as NYC gets chilly! Hopefully one day I’ll get out there and do some blog posts on their outdoor art! Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  3. Deb Healey 11.5.2011

    Oh wow. I love it. And maybe they were granny smith’s apples. I was recently in Melbourne, where Swanston street was graced with a visiting exhibition of baby angels and demons. Wonderful!

    • MuseumChick 11.5.2011

      Hi Deb, I love outdoor, public art- makes art so much more accessible for people. Do you remember the artist for the art on Swanston St? I’m going to google it and check it out.