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November 24, 2011 Giveaways

If you ever saw my iPhoto Library it would be obvious why my MacBook Air runs so slowly- so slowly that you might think I’m running on dial-up, but I’m not. I’m just addicted to taking pictures, like so many of you. For years, traveling abroad brought me some of my favorite travel photos.

Then moving home, I got my little sidekick and Art Word of the Day helper, Darcy. Ever since then I can’t stop taking pictures of his every move. I don’t want to know just how extensive this picture taking obsession might grow to be when I have children. I’m going to need the biggest hard drive I can find just to store them all.

I’ve hung my favorite photos throughout the years; changing frames, sizes and positions on my walls every few months, displaying them different ways- on the walls, on the ground and on tables. I even had an electric photo rotator but that got old quick.

So, Easy Canvas Prints really caught my interest.

They take your favorite photos and step-up the creativity a notch by transferring them to canvas with a variety of sizes and details to choose from.

I expressed to the people at Easy Canvas Prints that my readers would be very interested in the idea of turning their favorite memories into an art canvas that they could show off on their walls and that I would love a to do giveaway of a canvas print for the holidays. Who doesn’t love free things, especially your favorite picture turned into an art display, that would also make an impressive gift?

To win your own picture turned into a 8×10 canvas print:

In the comments section, answer the question, “What is your favorite photography subject?” (Is it travel, family, pets, nature, etc.).

At the risk of being incredibly uncreative, when I lived in Paris my favorite thing to photograph was the Eiffel Tower- the way it changed in the developing evening light, different seasons, distance and lights. It was directly outside my window when I lived in the 7th Arrondissement and as a result I have THOUSANDS of photos of it. They recently turned my favorite shot that I took of the Eiffel Tower, as the sun was setting and its lights began to glow, that I caught one evening working on this blog from my Paris living room.

Also, would you please “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

I’ll pick one winner, at random and announce them on December 5th 2011. But if you don’t win, don’t fret, you can always go to their website at Easy Canvas Prints (http://www.easycanvasprints.com/).

If you have a Twitter account, would you please re-tweet this post to give others a chance to enter (not necessary to enter, just appreciated).

Thanks and good luck!

This Giveaway is over and we have a winner. Thanks to everyone that participated! Check back for more in the future.

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  1. Natalie 12.5.2011

    I love photography of people and families!

  2. Erica 12.5.2011

    My favorite photography subject are my babies! My son (8 months) and daughter (2 yrs old). I love taking pictures of all the fun and cute things they do! :-)

  3. Kristie J 12.4.2011

    My favorite thing to photography is flowers! I think they are one of the most beautiful things on the earth!

  4. jamie adkins 12.2.2011

    I enjoy photographing my dogs!

  5. Nancy 12.2.2011

    I take pictures of book covers… :)

  6. Satish 12.2.2011

    I love taking pictures of food :p

    • MuseumChick 12.2.2011

      Hi Satish- whenever I bake I alway mean to take pictures but I always forget and eat them to fast! Thanks for your comment

  7. Prateep 12.2.2011

    I can’t stop taking enough pictures of beaches

    • MuseumChick 12.2.2011

      I agree, especially when the sun is rising/setting!

  8. Seetharam 12.2.2011

    My favourite subject is temples and architecture

  9. Shasaphire 12.2.2011

    I love taking pictures of my daughter :)

    • MuseumChick 12.2.2011

      HI Shasaphire- That is sweet! Does she like getting her picture taken too?

  10. Mubin 12.2.2011

    Fav photogrpahy subject is Travel

  11. Suzy 12.1.2011

    Great idea for a contest! I enjoy taking photos of travel, especially those points of travel such as train stations and airports. You catch a great deal of emotions in these spaces.

  12. Dave 11.30.2011

    I love taking photos of the sun setting (or if I’m up very late, the sun rising!).

  13. Bre 11.29.2011

    I like taking pictures of interactions – people, nature, and both. I like catching the unexpected!

  14. Lauren 11.29.2011

    I really like people. I’m always taking photos of my friends and family.

  15. Roxanne 11.29.2011


    • MuseumChick 11.29.2011

      Hi Roxanne- Me too! New places always inspire me to take out my camera more often. Thanks for your comment!

  16. Gail 11.29.2011

    fave photo subject: nature

  17. Stacy 11.29.2011

    I love to photograph plants, but I especially love great close up pictures of small ferns and orchids.

  18. Michelle 11.29.2011

    This is such a great idea! I need to order one of Asher! Thanks for sharing!

  19. randi 11.29.2011

    My favorite subject is my twins. It’s hard to get them to both look at the camera at the same time, never mind both smiling. :)

  20. Catherine Snodgrass 11.28.2011

    What a great idea!!

  21. I love their company! Great choice for your canvas!!! My favorite thing to photograph are reflections.

    • MuseumChick 11.28.2011

      Hi Andi- Aren’t they great! It took me a whole week to pick out that photo- I have so many and I just couldn’t decide which I liked best. It came out so much nicer than I even expected it to and now its sits on my coffee table in front of flowers as opposed to hanging it on the wall. Thanks for your comment!

  22. Kay DeWitt 11.27.2011

    My favorite subject for photos is family- especially my 2 grandsons.

  23. Trina gueck 11.26.2011

    I love photographing newborn babies!

    • MuseumChick 11.28.2011

      Hi Trina- sleeping newborn baby pictures are so sweet! I especially love them in black and white.

  24. Jenna Mefford 11.26.2011

    I follow on Twitter

  25. Jenna Mefford 11.26.2011

    I liked on FB

  26. Jenna Mefford 11.26.2011

    I love pictures on nature.

    • MuseumChick 11.28.2011

      Hi Jenna- me too, especially in the autumn! Thanks for your comment.

  27. Amber 11.25.2011

    People are my favorite photography subject – I love capturing candid moments of pure joy!

    • MuseumChick 11.28.2011

      I love portraits also but people are my most challenging subject to photograph, especially if I don’t know them. I’ve always wanted to have the courage to walk up to unique looking characters on my travels and photograph them.

      • Nick Delarosa 12.6.2011

        That can be real tough, you have to act (or be) the part of a ‘Photographer’ to gain the confidence… as an amateur/hobby photographer I sometimes would carry extra gear on me to help me get the courage to do that… silly but it works :) With Digital photography now it’s difficult to do the same as there are no reasons to carry all the lens combination’s. Technology sometimes bites :)