Reinventing My Life and Starting with El Anatsui

October 25, 2011 MuseumChick

Regrettably, its been over 6 months since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve been meaning to get back into the blog groove and I’ve missed connecting with all my blog friends and readers. So, as I reinvent my life as a newly single girl, living in her new Hells Kitchen apartment, accompanied by her energetic and culture sidekick Darcy the Yorkie, I’m re-starting this blog with one of my favorite artists, El Anatsui.

El Anatsui is an artist that was born in Ghana and has spent most of his career in Nigeria. I am particually interested in the movement of his pieces and how he makes dense materials look fluid. I took these pictures months ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (so I’m not sure if this piece is still on display) but never got a chance to put them up on the blog. After seeing his work for sale at the Armory Show last winter I have been wishing I had a wall (and bank account) big enough for one of his pieces!

This one is “Dusasa II” 2007 made of found aluminum, copper wire and plastic disks.

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  1. Nancy 08.16.2013

    I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the John Singer Sargent show and discovered the El Anatsui exhibit by chance. The 18th of August is the last day, so run, don’t walk to see it. What a major artist!

  2. River Mortenson 04.29.2013

    Wow I love El Anatsui’s art too. It is so thrilling, the size and undulation of the odds and ends give a floating feeling. It’s the way I love to be with my world, loose and free.

    I’ve been reading Derrida and his ease with the world seems to be making sense with me too.

    Love your blog.


    • MuseumChick 05.10.2013

      Hi River, Thanks for your compliment and nice comment! Danee

  3. Philip Koch 03.16.2012

    Danee, I’ve never met anyone for whom life is about marching forward in a straight line. All of us are about twists, turns, interruptions, and then about getting back on track again. If painting has taught me nothing else it has taught me this. Best of luck with the blog and with the living business too.

    • MuseumChick 03.25.2012

      Philip, Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I like to think that all these changes have made me a more interesting person and hopefully a more interesting blogger.

  4. Amy 10.27.2011

    Yes we did miss you! Looking forward to hearing more from you :)

  5. wandering educators 10.26.2011

    very cool! and i’ve missed you – glad you’re back!

    • MuseumChick 10.30.2011

      Thanks! I’m happy to be getting back into it. There are so many great exhibits and some great ballets I wan to see this winter and I’ll put up some entries about them. Just saw “Sum of Days” at the MoMA and I’ll put up something about that great exhibit next!