My Grandma’s Favorite Painting

March 26, 2011 MuseumChick

Every time I walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC I make it a point to walk past Pierre-Auguste Cot’s painting, The Storm (1880). It’s never absent and always hanging in the European paintings hall next to a couple other 19th century romantic paintings. This was my grandmother, Ann’s favorite painting. I remember our trips to the MET fondly and she always made it a point to walk down this hall and point out her favorite painting to me even though I already knew that it was. She passed away more than 10 years ago but whenever I see The Storm, I see her.

It is said to portray the Greek romance of Daphnis and Chloe. The looks on their faces tell such a complex story- romance, fear and excitement?

But my favorite part of the painting is the dress that seems to be running with them- flowing in a naive yet seductive way.

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  1. greg 04.4.2016

    man i fap to this every night

  2. kai ladzinski 10.27.2011

    Hi Danee,
    yes, everytime I´m in the Met, which is a while back now, since I am currently residing in Germany, I am also always in awe when I pass by this work. As a painter I am impressed with the technical aspects of a painting, and I think this one is truly masterfully done. The transparency of the dress and the garment´s folds are beautifully rendered. This painting does what a painting is supposed to do: ´bring us into a nother world……another thing I have just seen that I find noteworthy. the harmony that is emmanating from the young lovers. Their left legs thru the parrallelism form an organic whole, a unity in their synchronistic movement, and their arms compliment each other from two directions forming a protective roof like structure ´with the swaying fabric….wonderful!

    • MuseumChick 11.4.2011

      So nice to hear from you, Kai and thank you for your thoughtful comment! Where are you living in Germany? Good luck there and hope all is well with you!

  3. Rio flat 05.23.2011

    i think its all one favorite…there face expression tell us complex story, romance, fear and excitement?

  4. They both look so modern – especially her face. And he looks very happy. She is the one looking out for the danger.

    I notice that the horn seems to come between them…

    • MuseumChick 05.19.2011

      Hi David- Thanks for your thoughtful comments and interesting observations!

  5. Suzy 04.18.2011

    I can see why your grandmother loved this painting. There is a great deal of movement and emotion going on in such a simple subject.

    • MuseumChick 04.22.2011

      Thanks Suzy, Isn’t that painting so romantic too!