That Frog Would Go Great With My Dress

January 22, 2011 A*RT!? HappensDesign & Cool Things

It’s so much fun gazing in the store windows on 5th Ave. The big luxury fashion stores and department stores always have elaborate and sometimes funky window displays.

Yesterday I saw that the big Louis Vuitton store on 5th and 57th had changed their windows from the holiday display to a new display of their bags. But not just their typical bags- their bags, along with accessories cut up and sewn back together to form different animals.

It caught everyone that walked by and made them smile. It was so creative, cute and funky that I had to share it with you. But fashionistas and lovers of Louis Vuitton might want to look away- these were real bags massacred to form these lovable creatures.

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  1. Andi 01.23.2011

    Oh my gosh I'm completely in love!

  2. wandering educators 01.22.2011

    wow. artistry, for sure.