Meeting a Charioteer at the Delphi Archaeological Museum

October 16, 2010 MuseumChick


The Delphi Archaeological Museum is right next to the Delphi ruins and…it has air conditioning. I hung out here extra long because it was the afternoon, super hot and the ruins offered no shade. So, although I was excited to explore the ruins, I was in no rush to leave the museum too soon. Not to mention that it is clean, modern and informative about the ancient artifacts from the area of Delphi that archeologists have uncovered and used to learn about what happened on this land over 2000 years ago. 

Delphi Archaeological Museum


Apparently a lot of other tourists had the same idea…

Delphi Archaeological Museum

Delphi Archaeological Museum

Delphi Archaeological Museum


Some favorite pieces spotted were…


This well preserved bronze statue of a charioteer escaped damage and looting when it was buried during the great earthquake of 373 BC. It was found at the Temple of Apollo in the 19th century with its inlaid glass eyes intact. This museum highlight was one of the only large scale bronzes found in Delphi and in all of ancient Greece since most bronzes were melted down to fund wars. Although the master sculptors of ancient Greece mostly worked in bronze, we only know their creations from the marble copies produced during the Roman period.

Delphi Archaeological Museum



This bronze statue of a kouros (standing male youth that did not represent anyone in particular produced during the Archaic era) was done in the Daedalic style in the 6th century BC in a Cretan workshop.

Delphi Archaeological Museum


This Sphinx of the Column of Naxie is from 570 BC. The light areas show the restoration.

Delphi Archaeological Museum


 This bronze cauldron and…

Delphi Archaeological Museum


…the griffins and sirens that decorated the rim of the cauldron.

Delphi Archaeological Museum


It looks like they are saying, "Ouch, this pot is hot!"



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  1. elph 08.27.2013

    Modern??? No…the facade is ugly…it looks like an ugly prosthetic.
    The ancient artifacts deserve better than all that concrete and stone mausoleum looking thing.

  2. Paul 11.15.2010

    Great photos of a great museum. Some people go to Greece thinking only in Athens and archaelogical sites on open air, but please don0t miss any museum. They all deserve a visit after the renovation for the Olympic Games in 2004.

  3. jessiev 10.17.2010

    very cool, D! I love all of these great photos – makes me want to go!