A Quick Glance at Street Art in the Palestinian Territory

September 15, 2010 A*RT!? Happens

I snapped frenetically without much hesitation on a quick day trip to Bethlehem in the Palestinian Territories. Knowing I likely would not be back and one day was just too short to get a sense of the cultural art, I caught what I could of the lively street art to share with you. Being on a bus most of the day did not give me many opportunities to get the pictures I would have liked but I was able to experience and get closer to the colorful and mostly political street art that lined the walls of the border crossing.

Crossing the border was a lot like entering a prison (although I don't know that from personal experience). Barbed wire fencing and thick concrete walls made for an interesting canvas for the people of the Palestinian Territories to express their opinions and emotions.

Whizzing by in the bus, I saw this series of poster-like images of portraits, many with an expression of frustration with colorful graffiti lining the bottom of the fence.

Palestinian Territory Street Art

Palestinian Territory Street Art

Off the bus during the middle of the day, I was able to view the locals' houses on the hills that overlook Israel.

Palestinian Territory

Border crossing was the chance I needed to get some closer shots of the street art that lined the walls for passers-by to read and contemplate. Though a political spin is NOT where my blog is destined nor am I advocating anything with the pictures I'm posting, much of the street art I saw was doing so and I thought it would still be interesting to show you a place that many people don't get to see.

Palestinian Territory Street Art

Palestinian Territory Street Art

Palestinian Territory Street Art 

Palestinian Territory Street Art


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