Musée Rodin Saves the Night of Museums Event in Paris

May 16, 2010 MuseumChick

Night of Museums Petit Palais

Last night was the annual Night of Museums event in Europe where museums are free, open until 1am and have special events. Since this was the line (to the right) of my initial destination, a change of plans was in order. I couldn't really take a picture of the whole line- this wasn't the half of it. It wrapped around the side of the building and kept going. When Mr. MuseumChick and I first saw the line we thought, "too bad we don't know anyone inside that can sneak us in, but it's ok, we can wait". Then the line kept going, passing the 1 hour marker that the employees put up, then the 2 hour marker, then 3, then 4, so we quickly changed our minds. Mr. MuseumChick might have been happy about this since this line was for the Petit Palais's new Yves Saint Laurent exhibit, the first large retrospective exhibition dedicated to the fashion designer.

I told him I heard the Musée Rodin was supposed to have their garden temporarily lit up and sounded like a good back-up plan, so we made our way over the Pont Alexandre III towards the museum.

Burghers of Calais Rodin Musee

The Musée Rodin is housed in the former Hôtel Biron, built in 1730 by architect Jean Aubert, and displays works of sculptor, Auguste Rodin. Personally, I'd rather spend my time roaming around the garden than the actual museum. The vast garden is a calm oasis in the center of Paris and displays Rodin's bronze works. Since the garden is not usually open at night, temporary fixtures illuminated his famous pieces creating a magical presence in the otherwise dark garden.

(Above) Rodin's Burghers of Calais (Below) Rodin's Les Trois Ombres/ in English it's called The Three Shades in the garden of the Musée Rodin.

Night of Museums Rodin Musee The Shades

(Below) From the Musée Rodin garden you can see the top of Les Invalides.

Night of Museums Les Invalides

Night of Museums Rodin Musee

We made our way through the dark grounds and towards the museum to see the works inside. I could see on the map that the famous "The Kiss" sculpture, from 1889, was inside.

Night of Museums Rodin Musee

And here it is…The Kiss…so romantic.

Rodin Musee The Kiss

And "The Man with the Broken Nose" from 1863 in marble, considered to be Rodin's first major work. 

Man with Broken Nose Rodin Musee


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  1. Jean Unsworth 04.28.2013

    We will bein Paris from August 2 to 9. We wuld love to seethe Rodin exhibit at night. And possibility?

  2. Jean Unsworth 04.26.2013

    We plan to be in Paris from August 2 to 9. We would like to visit the Rodin Museum at night. When will that be possible?

    • MuseumChick 04.28.2013

      Hi Jean- I visited a few years ago not so I am unaware of there current schedule. Sorry I can’t help you but enjoy you time in Paris!

  3. OneleggoalieHong 07.21.2012

    We shall be there next month. This time Rodin gets a visit. Well done with your site. Respect.


    • MuseumChick 07.26.2012

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment and have a great time visiting the Rodin Museum!