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April 20, 2010 MuseumKid

Free Coloring Pages!

I'm at the age…the age when all my friends are having children! Although I don't have any kids myself, I would like them one day and as soon as I do I am getting them involved with art. I know I will probably bore them with constant museum visits when they would rather run around at the park or watch TV, but I really believe that getting children involved with art and culture education is important.

It is quite possible that I don't have kids yet because I am too busy making coloring pages…

I personally made these coloring pages with Photoshop, inspired by famous art pieces, for you to print out for free, have your kids color them, teach them about art and culture, and then stick on your fridge or give them to relatives or whatever else you would like to do with them!

Instructions- It's very easy!

1.Click on the picture
2.Open or save the downloaded file

*Designed to fit 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper.
*These are MS Word Documents.

Print as many as you like! They're free!

Bust of Queen Nefertiti Picasso CubismDurer A Young Hare Diego Rivera The Flower CarrierAndy Warhol Soup Can Van Gogh's Irises

©2010 Danee Gilmartin All rights reserved

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  1. The Educational Tourist 07.24.2014

    What wonderful coloring pages! Love them!!

    I write activity guides for kids to use while exploring countries like France and Spain and for world class museums like the Prado in Madrid and the Louvre in Paris. These activity guides are $3 and you download them from your own computer.

    I just love the idea of having kids color photos to learn about specific artist. I’m going to link to this in one of my posts! Would love a shout out from you!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  2. Nan 10.25.2013

    We are studying Magritte in my classroom. Any chance of a Magritte coloring page?

    • MuseumChick 12.22.2013

      Hi Nan- thats a great idea! The MoMA in NYC just did a Magritte exhibit and it was very inspiring. As soon as I get break from working way too much I work on some new coloring pages and include a Magritte!

  3. Shauna 04.22.2013

    Thanks so much for these wonderful coloring pages. I am an Elementary School Art Teacher and my students just finished learning all about Andy Warhol. As an extension of learning about Warhol, I am going to have my older students draw and design their own “Campbell’s Soup Can” and for my younger students I am going to have them draw a design onto your “Campbell’s Soup Can” coloring page and then have them color it. Thanks so much for sharing and enriching the lives of the students I teach. Great Blog!

    • MuseumChick 04.28.2013

      Hi Shauna- I’m so happy to hear that they are useful for you and that your kids are interested in art! Thanks!

  4. irene 04.18.2013

    thanks for these. Perfect for a boy with a disability in one of my classes. Saved me a bucket load of time!!!
    Thankyou !!

    • MuseumChick 04.18.2013

      Hi Irene- That really makes my day! I’m so glad to hear that they are useful and kids are enjoying and learning from them. Thanks!

  5. Ann 01.28.2013

    Thanks so much! I am teaching my 8 year old son about art and art history in homeschool this year. This is so very helpful!

    • MuseumChick 02.5.2013

      Hi Ann- I’m so happy to hear they are useful to you!

  6. syracuse teacher 08.28.2012

    These are way cool! I was able to find the originals of all but the Picasso picture. Is that one also based on one of his pieces? If so, what is the name of that one? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • MuseumChick 09.5.2012

      Hi Maci- I’m really glad you appreciate them. They took a long time to “draw” in photoshop. The Picasso I did from his piece “Femme assise devant la fenêtre” or “Women Seated Before the Window”. Thanks for your comment!

  7. ritwik 06.9.2012

    i wish i could download color pencils :( may be advancements in quantum entanglement might make it possible in future

  8. Tania 04.25.2012

    These are amazing!! Thank you so much! I’m printing them off for my Pre-K art center to use when we are highlighting famous artists.

    • MuseumChick 07.26.2012

      HI Tania- thank you so much for using the coloring pages! I hope your Pre-K enjoyed them!

  9. A6teacher 01.11.2012

    Love these for my Montessori classroom! Would love to see more great works for coloring. Appreciate your site and works!

    • MuseumChick 01.17.2012

      Your comment made my week! I’m so glad to hear young students are finding these coloring pages useful. I haven’t had much feedback about them, so your comment is much appreciated! I will be working on some more in the future.

  10. Sara 04.27.2010

    These are great! I'm going to pass them on to my friends with kids. I also know someone who does home-schooling that these would be prefect for.

  11. Carole Perry 04.21.2010

    Very good idea Danee. But where's Hopper?

  12. bernard 04.20.2010

    great idea:)