A*RT!? Happens in Paris

April 12, 2010 A*RT!? Happens

I love the Louvre. I understand you might have been expecting something more original, something more obscure or a secret find from someone who lives in Paris, but my favorite museum in Paris is the Musée du Louvre. J'adore the grand hallways, the embellishment in the details and the endless corridors of paintings and sculptures. Every time I visit I find something new. I probably could go there every day and find something new each time and still get lost each time also.

But Paris has taught me that I don't have to go to the Louvre to find art. Living in Paris has taught me to find art in everyday things. This has inspired me to start a series of posts called A*RT!? (Art) Happens, about random art spotting in unconventional places.

Here are some of the unconventional places where I find art in Paris…

In the food…this windmill spotted in a bakery window is made of all bread.


In the desserts…(yes, I know this is technically food but this needs a separate category, especially in Paris).


In the clothes…this dress, spotted in the window at Bon Marché, is creatively made out of vinyl records. Probably not comfortable to wear but definitely cool to look at.


In the doors…this door front designed by Jules Lavirotte is especially ornate and carved into a phallic shape. I found this door on my Lavirotte scavenger hunt through Paris last January.


In the windows…the store fronts in Paris are especially artistic.


In the street…my husband gets very excited when we spot one of these space invaders tiled into the cement by artists. I spotted this little guy lurking around in the 6th Arrondissement.


In dining…dining is definitely a serious art in France.

In the dessert…did I say that already? Well, I guess you can see where my mind is. These pieces are made completely out of chocolate. The Dremel tool is made from chocolate sculptor extraordinaire, Michel Chaudun.


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  1. prexy 08.12.2010

    Fun and clever finds! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sara 04.15.2010

    Ohhhhhh where can I get those cakes :) Fun post!

  3. Nadine 04.12.2010

    Love it!