me at monte carlo

  Although when mentioning casinos most people will think of Las Vegas or Far East resorts like Macau, there are so many amazing casino's to see around Europe. Some of them were first built hundreds of years ago and some ...[Read More]


  Once one of the world’s great superpowers; the Inca Empire stretched across a third of South America. Its paved roads spanned the Andes and were walked by alpacas that carried goods from one place to another, including fru...[Read More]

coach house pascoe interiors

  British interior designers are at the top of their game at the moment and provide a collection of inspiration when it comes to re-decorating and furnishing your home. From bold, innovative ideas and styles taken from eras go...[Read More]

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Danee Sarman

MuseumChick by Danee Sarman

MuseumChick is a personal art and culture blog that I started to share my experiences working in the art world and my explorations if museums around the world.
Living in NYC and educated in museum studies has given me a lifetime of fascination with art and culture, that I can now share with my young son.
In this personal blog, I post stories about my life with art, museums I visit, art I discover, and culture I explore along with stories about my year being an expat living in Paris and now, living in NYC and traveling.

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