Govenors Island Lower Manhattan View

If I wasn't 9 months pregnant, I would have stood up on this swaying ferry ride and gotten many more pictures of this striking Manhattan view. With this baby bump safely in its seat, our day on Governors Island started with a rock...[Read More]

Metropolitan Museum of Art  NYC

  There are few things as exciting as taking a cultural road trip through North America: as the third largest continent in the world North America has plenty to ensure travelers a road trip of a lifetime. Before embarking o...[Read More]

Jackson Pollock Studio

Stepping into this magical, paint splattered floor was more exhilarating than I expected it to be. The energy still lingers in the floor and the history is captured on the walls and in the used, solidified paint buckets. Visiting ...[Read More]

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Danee Sarman

Who Is MuseumChick?

My name is Danée. I’m a NYC girl with a MA in Museum Studies, that’s fascinated with art and culture. I’m also indecisive, curious, adventurous and sarcastic.

I’ve worked for many years in the art world, most previously at the New Museum of Contemporary Art and I’m now on a baby hiatus – expecting our first baby due August 2014.

In this personal blog, I post stories about my life with art, museums I visit, art I discover, and culture I explore…[Read More]